Storage & Hidden Fees

Hidden Fees?

This is one of my pet peeves in the storage industry. Many businesses out there will try to lure you in with fancy talk about the great rent specials they are running. Sometimes you feel like you need a college degree in math by the time they are done throwing different percentages and lengths of time at you. Then, once you have your trucks all packed up and ready, you pull into the office, and you hear the manager saying, “Well, you do need to put down a deposit fee (which you might get back when you move out), and then there is also this admin fee we need to get your account set up, and then…” And the list goes on and on. So frustrating!

When you rent with us, you will find that we are straightforward and simple. At the time of signing up, you need to come in with the first month’s rent and ID. There is no tax on self storage.  For your protection, we do require each customer carry insurance on their things (sometimes covered by homeowners or renters insurance policies) or they can purchase our Protection Plan (works kind of like insurance) for an extra $10 per month.  You make the choice on what the best option is for you.